Ultimate Doctor Membership Survey Form


Request to become a CSTAR International Partner!  This Ultimate Doctor's Membership creates a premier partnership between you and CSTAR International with many benefits included in your membership fee. Your yearly membership includes:
  1. Exclusive surgical coordination rights as a CSTAR Partner Doctor. All patients we coordinate for are only placed with one of our partner doctors and recovery facilities.
  2. Monthly Promotion on our social media
  3. Entrance to all our events- come to any of the CSTAR International events for free
  4. Expanded bio on our site and in our magazine
  5. Publication and promotion of 1 article per month-Article guidelines included.
  6. You will receive custom CSTAR scrubs that you should wear for your videos (Upon first surgery with us)
  7. Once we are able to again, we will be organizing meet and greets in NYC throughout the year with 2-3 doctors at a time (in different specialties) for patients to meet the doctors and recovery facilities and have a question and answer session. By signing up with our platform, you have the option to participate and agree to also promote the events on your own social media.



Please provide your certifications and credentials.
If you work out of a specific clinic or own your own, please put the address.
Please list all the social media accounts you are most active on.